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About Slim's & Berthiaume Sewer Service

Slim’s Sewer Service and Jos. Berthiaume & Sons become “ONE”

Slims Sewer Service, a well known family owned and operated septic pumping and drain cleaning business was started 55 years ago in 1958 by the late Roger “Slim” LeBlanc and his wife, Yvette. When Slim retired in the late 90’s the company was then turned over to two of his sons, Jim & Russell LeBlanc, and most recently operated by Russell and his wife, Wendie.

When Russell and Wendie made the decision to sell the business, they wanted the name and reputation to carry on as “family owned and operated”. Although it was a bittersweet decision to sell, they chose to carry on the name alongside that of another reputable company in the area, Joseph Berthiaume & Sons.

Joseph Berthiaume & Sons, also a family owned and operated business established in 1972 by the late Joseph Berthiaume, was cut short upon his death in 1990. The company was then reestablished in 2006 by his youngest son, Gabriel and his wife Erin. Gabriel has operated the construction company, GJB Construction Services Inc. DBA Joseph Berthiaume & Sons, since he graduated from college in 2006 with a degree in Aviation Management. With his wife Erin, a 2007 graduate of Nichols College with a degree in Business Management, together they have moved the once Southbridge based company to its new location at 510 Stafford Street in Charlton.

Gabriel says "It’s in my genes and I feel honored to continue the legacy that two hardworking fathers built." He adds "With the merge, we can now offer a broad range of services not only in septic maintenance, title five inspections, drain cleaning and pumping but also in new septic installation & repairs, water & sewer tie-ins and perk tests, all to ultimately better support the needs of the communities we serve".

Gabriel and Erin are thrilled to have the continued support and skills of two incredible teams coming together as one, Jason Berthiaume, Peter Davis, Steven Skowron and Timothy Bullock of Joseph Berthiaume & Sons and William “Billy” Andrews, Timothy Twomey and Lowell Bond of Slim’s Sewer Service. Gabriel and Erin say, “Without the knowledge, experience and wisdom of these amazing guys, neither of these companies would be able to continue”.

Although Russell and Wendie have chosen to hand over the reins of septic maintenance and pumping to Gabe and Erin, Russell will continue to work closely with Slims to help ensure an easy transition for its existing customer base. For homeowners looking to buy or sell property, Russell will continue to perform Title 5 Inspections through his current business, LeBlanc Septic Inspections, with his son, Ryan.

Gabriel continues to be committed to hard work and honest service which has been a major attribute to his reputation. He encourages his employees, old and new, to carry into their work the philosophy of “Let’s set a standard for this Industry”. He truly believes in the attitude of “Love what you do and be the best at it”! He continues to be motivated every day by his thirst for knowledge and the satisfaction of a happy customer along with the continued love and support he receives from his family and friends.

In conclusion, Gabriel states that he has a lot of innovative plans for the newly attained “Slims & Berthiaume”, and looks forward to growing their business of septic maintenance and construction services by striving to meet a higher standard of needs that are conducive to the environment and individual needs of each community they serve.